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The Shed commissions original works of art, across all disciplines, for all audiences.

Envisioning what The Shed will be with our artists, architects, and leadership.
Standing: FlexNYC’s Reggie ‘Regg Roc’ Gray and Deidra Braz, The Shed’s Artistic Director and CEO Alex Poots, and The Shed’s architects David Rockwell and Liz Diller. Seated: artist Lawrence Weiner and The Shed’s Board Chairman Dan Doctoroff. Photo: Eric Jeffrey.

Of and for 21st-century New York City, The Shed will be:

A cultural hub that minimizes barriers to entry and takes artistic risks.
A place for creative experience that is enriching, but not rarefied.
A civic institution that is warm, welcoming, and generous to all.

Artists and creative thinkers have always made works that reflect their time and influence how we see the world. Today, artists and audiences share a hunger for original new work, silos between disciplines are dissolving, and institutions can connect with audiences more directly and personally than ever before. The Shed is made to help artists and audiences thrive in this new context.

We are committed to commissioning and presenting leading and early-career artists, thinkers, and makers across all forms and mediums. Opening in spring 2019, The Shed will be highly adaptable, responsive, welcoming, and architecturally unique. Our commissioning model will provide the space, support, and resources to experiment with, produce, and present original work, offering new experiences to the widest possible audience. Our remarkable movable building, designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro in collaboration with Rockwell Group, structurally supports this mission.

By committing to process and dialogue, we’ll strive to remove barriers between artists, audiences, and the institution, offering deep engagement with how works are created and developed. By intentionally considering our social contributions, we hope to play an energizing, generous, and creative role in the civic life of the city.

Our vision is one of parity across all forms of art, creativity, and intellectual inquiry.